Bootcamps Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk en Afro in Rotterdam

Saturday februari 17: Bootcamp Isolations by Laili & Rogiani
In  this bootcamp we will teach you all the secrets on how to isolate movements and how to lead and follow them in the smoothest way possible!

  • How to do isolations in your own body
  • Leading and following isolations with the least tension needed to create the most freedom for the follower
  • No showy figures you need to learn by heart, but learn a universal language logic for every (human) body so you will understand how to lead and follow any sexy and cool move
  • Understanding the logic of transitions and dynamics to create your own musicality and creativity

The bootcamp takes 3 hours from 14.00 till 17.00 o’clock
– Isolations solo
– Connection: Lead & follow through body intention
– How to play with dynamics

Note: This bootcamp is NOT about Bachata, this bootcamp is about how to use isolations in ANY dance, however the steps and rhythm used will be bachata.


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  • Je kan in het overzicht voor jezelf, je danspartner en/of vrienden meerdere Bootcamps selecteren door de stappen 1 t/m 4 opnieuw te doorlopen en daarna eenvoudig en veilig af te rekenen met iDEAL


  • Bootcamp Isolations: € 40.-
  • Aan de deur: + € 10.- mits er nog plek beschikbaar is


  • Typical Tropical Studio’s, Schiekade 830, Rotterdam. Meer info HIER